May/ June 2014: Project “Emergency Help Bosnia”

Because of the severity and the urgency of the situation in the flooded areas, this project was organized within two weeks and conducted directly afterwards. The concept of “Emergency Help Bosnia” was to stand in front of several supermarkets in Graz and Weiz and ask customers to buy humanitarian goods like water, can food, cleaning supplies and hygiene products to help the people in the most severely hit regions in B&H.

We conducted collections in front of 5 supermarkets during two days in Graz and in front of 1 supermarket for one day in Weiz near Graz. In total 5 Rotaract and 1 Interact Club from the region of Styria were involved in this project. All in all 55 members were conducting the collection of the supplies.

After the collection, the collected products were brought to our improvised storage space (a cellar of a member of RAC Graz), and ordered by categories. After two months of organizational work, the humanitarian goods were finally brought to Bosnia by a specialized division of the Austrian Military.

The final step of this project was a trip of four members of Rotaract Club Graz into the affected region, where they participated in a distribution of humanitarian goods in cooperation with Austrian soldiers from the CIMIC (Civil-Military Co-operation) unit, stationed in Bratunac.

We were able to in total collect around 8 tons of goods with an estimated value of around 25.000 € as well as 5200 € cash which we used to buy medical supplies for the affected regions.