Welcome to Rotaract Club Graz!

We are very happy to welcome you on our homepage. The Rotaract Club of Graz was chartered in 1980 and has ever since tried to help people in need, service organisation as well as children and elderly people by social commitment & activity.
Rotaract is a worldwide charity organization which is also part of Rotary International. Rotary has a yearly motto which is chosen each year and which we also try to follow through our activity. This years motto is:

Be the inspiration!

According to this slogan, we try to improve the world by regularly organizing social projects and activities. Our Organisation is based upon three columns that we would like to share with you here:

Our three columns



Helping is the main focus of all Rotaractors in the World. We organize social projects to help people in need and make their lives better. If you want to help us in doing so, you are more than welcome to join us!


Learning as well is a big part of the activities in Rotaract. We invite external people to talk about interesting topics during our meetings. We also organize guided tours as well as workshops. This activity is also supported by Rotary.


Celebrating is important as well in the life of a Rotaractor. We all are between 18 and 30 and like to spend our free time together, hanging out, going out or participating in one of the Rotaract conferences and trips.


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