28.07.2015: International Project “European Rotaractors for Nepal”

It all starts with a small idea… an idea that reaches hundreds and makes a difference in thousands peoples lives.

After the April earthquake in Nepal, Rotaract’s and Rotary’s response was incredible with immediately helping the children of Nepal. ALthough immediate help of food, clothes and water was necessary, many houses and schools have been destroyed leaving many families out on the street and children not being ablte to go back to school. This situation is putting the children in danger of child trafficking and criminality. many NGOs are working on helping rebuilding local communities and one of the urgend needs is rebuilding the schools. All children should have access to food, water, houses and education.

Being members from three different clubs in three different countries, we set up the “Rotaractors United for Nepal” Call to Action urging other clubs to get invovled with any amount. Our aim was for all clubs to join forces and show support to the people in Nepal.

We didn’t think, not even for a second, that this small idea will reach thousands of Rotaractors around the world and mobilize them into acting quickly with a wide range of fundraising activities. We were amazed by the creativitiy of the clubs getting invovled in this project: from oil tasting, yoga classes to cycling 100 kilometers and fundraising at a RYLA.

Currently we have over 60 clubs invovled from roughly 30 countries which is absolutely amazing to us. We collected around 20.000€ in funds and we are planning to soon start reconstruction of schools in Nepal. We, together with the Rotaract Club of Westminster in London took the initiative to organize this project and we are forever greatful for all the support and clubs that joined in!