16.03.17: Lecture meeting “Die Schwalbe”

On the 16.03.2017, we welcomed Ms. Mag. Angelika Vanek-Enyinnaya, founder and chief executive of „Die Schwalbe“ at our meeting. This organisation is an initative for women in life crisis, providing them a safe space to live a find back to a normal life. She told us about the difficult start of the organisation as they had to overcome many obstacles and difficulties in the process. She proceeded by telling us about the everyday life of the inhabitants which includes creative activities as well as practising relaxation techniques derived from Yoga. Furthermore, the women take care of the garden and organize an in-house catering service (finger food and sweets). They for instance bake and sell 150 kg of cookies in the weeks before christmas every year.

We thank Mag. Angelika Vanek-Enyinnaya for the interesting presentation and the insights she has given into her valuable work at „Die Schwalbe“.